The hot flush

the premier podcast for the perimenopausal

When two university friends reconnected in the Golden Years of Blogging, little did they realise the trajectory they were on. 

Kayte Murphy (aka Mrs Woog) and Kim Berry have known each other for more than 20 years. They have six boys between them and two career paths that are the envy of no-one.  

It was thanks to a all from Rob Lowenthal, then setting up his podcasting empire Whooshkaa, that put the two behind a microphone. It took a year for Woog & Berry to evolve into The Hot Flush, when we realised surely it couldn’t just be us who suddenly felt like their bodies had taken them hostage. 

So pop on those headphones, join us and remember, just keep plucking. 

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Kayte murphy (aka Mrs Woog)

author, storyteller, blogger, podcaster


Mrs Woog started blogging in 2010, became Australian Blogging Royalty and went pro somewhere in the twenty-teens. 

THEN she wrote a book, Primary School Confidential (you can buy it here) because apparently she is not an over-achiever. 

So today, she writes for a living, lives in the burbs, raises her family and has pets with stupid names. And is one half of the premier podcast for the perimenopausal. 

Kim berry

journalist, podcaster, baker


Mrs Berry is a journalist and a prefect. Always has been, always will be. She also has some kids, all boys, one disabled. She has undergone a family realignment, a brief but very enjoyable online dating episode and is now fully loved up with her new man. 

She loves baking almost more than life.